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Doctoral School of Exact Sciences and their Applications
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IntranetFiles available for downloading

Official documents (in French)

Rapport d'évaluation de l'HCERES sur l'ED211  (Juin 2015) Réponse de l'ED211

 Règlement intérieur de l'Ecole Doctorale Sciences Exactes et Applications

  Arrêté du 25 mai 2016 fixant le cadre national de la formation et les modalités conduisant à la délivrance du diplôme national de doctorat (63.4 KB)

Arrêté du 22 février 2019 définissant les compétences des diplômés du doctorat et inscrivant le doctorat au répertoire national de la certification professionnelle (131.4 KB) 


1) For the Ph.D. student:

Attendance certificate

(pdf - 32 Ko)

Ph.D. course attendance form (pdf - 76 Ko)Supervisory committee for the Ph.D. thesis (doc -71 Ko)

Request for amendment to doctoral agreement

(doc - 59 Ko)

Financial support for international symposium mobility (doc - 46 Ko)Financial support for international mobility period (doc - 46 Ko)
Request to write part of the thesis in a language other than French (pdf - 40 Ko)

Satisfaction questionnaire

(pdf - 63 Ko)



2) For supervising lecturers and researchers:

Regulations for thesis co-supervision  (CS) (pdf - 401 Ko)

Regulations on the maximum number of students under supervision (CS) (pdf - 418 Ko)

Request for co-supervisor without HDR status(CS) (pdf - 65 Ko) and Request form for co-supervision (CS) (doc- 39 Ko)

Thesis salary allowance offer  (website recruitment)Ph.D. recruitment report form
Financial authorisation for recruitment of a doctoral student under contract (please see website intranet DRH3) Training programme submission for the ED211
Supervisory committee for the Ph.D. thesis (doc - 71 Ko)

 Co-supervisor agreement in France

(doc - 48 Ko)

  3) Co-supervisor agreements:


Co-supervisor agreement in French

(doc - 89 Ko)

Co-supervisor agreement in French - English 

(odt - 46 Ko)

Co-supervisor agreement in French - Spanish

(odt - 46 Ko)

Amendment to Co-supervisor Agreement in French (doc - 51 Ko)Amendment to Co-supervisor Agreement in French Français - English (odt - 29 Ko)Amendment to Co-supervisor agreement in French - Spanish (odt - 29 Ko)

Co-supervisor agreements must be completed and signed for all doctoral students registered for a thesis under joint supervision. Such students must be properly registered in both partner universities, as from the very 1st year of their Ph.D. and for each of the three years of their studies. In the event of any modifications to the initial agreement (such as a change of duration or of the names of thesis supervisors), a formal amendment must be added in writing to the original agreement.

4) Please consult reported minutes of previous Doctoral School Board meetings.

Compte rendu du 2 mars 2016 (pdf - 98 Ko)
Compte rendu du 18 février 2016 (pdf - 248 Ko)
Compte rendu du 5 novembre 2015 (pdf - 565 Ko)
Compte rendu du 10 juin 2015 (pdf - 117 Ko)
Compte rendu du 22 mai 2015 (pdf - 49 Ko)
Compte rendu du 12 février 2015 (pdf - 463 Ko)
Compte rendu du 04 décembre 2014 (pdf - 136 Ko)