The Association of Doctoral Students

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Doctoral School of Exact Sciences and their Applications
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The Association of Doctoral Students

AMDA : The Association of  Doctoral Students at UPPA.

In December 2014, the General Meeting of doctoral students elected a new board of directors for the association :  Zeina Al Masry, Maxime Cachia,  Dominique Castells (droit), Nicolas Chauchat, Jean-Baptiste Gieu, Charlotte Petit, Jean-christophe Renault et Sonia Souakri.

President of the association : Charlotte Petit (charlotte.petit @


AQUIDOC : The Association of Junior Researchers in Aquitaine. AquiDoc is a pluridisciplinary association set up in 2007 whose primary mission is to encourage junior researchers (doctoral students and Ph.D. graduates) to take up a career in the non-academic sector. With this goal in mind, AquiDoc offers all Junior researchers in Aquitaine information, advice and workshops to help prepare their recruitment, especially by organising the annual Jobs Forum or Forum AquiDoc. Please see the Internet site of the Aquidoc association :