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Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour

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Doctoral School Exact Sciences and their Applications - ED SEA 211

The doctoral school of exact sciences and their applications (ED SEA 211) of the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour (UPPA) has around 250 PhD students spread over 5 sites (Pau, Anglet, Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle, Mont-de-Marsan et Tarbes) and 8 laboratories:

  • Chemistry / Materials / Environment / Biology: IPREM
  • Geoenergies / Engineering sciences: LATEP; LFCR; SIAME
  • Mathematics et their interactions: LMAP
  • Agronomic and ecological sciences: ECOBIOP; NUMEA
  • Information and communication sciences and technologies: LIUPPA

The ED SEA 211 offers 12 doctoral degrees and 28 specialisms (see list).

The ED SEA 211 support PhD students and their supervisors throughout the PhD process, from the time of application to the PhD offer to the thesis defense. It ensures that all doctoral students have a conducive working environment to complete and succeed in their doctoral projects. 

The training courses offered (150 hours over 3 years) enable PhD students to acquire cross-disciplinary skills (in accordance with the 22-02-2019 decree). These skills, combined with the scientific excellence acquired during their research work, aim to facilitate the professional integration of the new doctors in both the academic world and industry as well as to think about their future in an international perspective.


The ED SEA 211 is an internal training component of UPPA's Science and Technology for Energy and the Environment (STEE) College. It is led by a Director, assisted by a Council for matters relating to policy and strategy in Doctoral Studies, a Board for the daily operation of the School, and a Teaching Committee to review and propose changes to the training plan.

The administrative and financial management staff, doctoral student training and enrolment, thesis defences, European projects, the Green Graduate School, and quality control are all grouped together in a 'Shared Service Centre' (CSP) that is attached to the Centre for Doctoral Studies.